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MHYA High Quality Ultra Soft Angled Makeup Brush Wholesale

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The slanted shape of the Angled Blush Brush offers precise application for a sculpted look. The soft yet dense synthetic bristles contour facial features easily.

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  • Brand name MHYA
  • Brush Material Nanometer cruelty free synthetic hair
  • Handle Material Wood
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While you may or may not embrace our passion for beauty products, rest assured that if you're shopping for new makeup brushes, we've got you covered. Given the variety of brushes available, it's critical to know which brush to use for each makeup product. Check out our comprehensive makeup brush guide present at our website to assist you in your hunt. Synthetic makeup brushes are composed of man-made materials like nylon and are perfect for accurate and streak-free application. Natural makeup brushes are frequently made of animal hair and are recognized for their blending and pick-up properties.



Using a makeup brush for every step of your makeup regime can dramatically improve the look of your makeup. Using the right brush, whether it's a tapered foundation blush or a flat concealer brush, may transform the way your makeup looks and help you achieve a perfect finish. Before you pick up your tool, consider whether it's a natural or synthetic cosmetics brush.


From maintaining and polishing your brows to nailing your winged liner look, an angled makeup brush or eyeliner brush may help. Use the angled brush makeup end to apply your favorite brow or eyeliner product, and to smooth and blend afterward with an angled brush like this MHYA's angled blush Brush. Bonus: after applying mascara, use the spoolie end of our brushes to brush through your lashes for clump-free eye makeup.


Simply dip an angled eyebrow brush into any brow product and make little strokes along your brows to fill in sparse areas and shape your arches. Dip your brush into your eyeliner or eyeshadow product and line your upper lash line with it, flicking it out to a wing once you reach the outside edge of your eye.


In the end, It's time to clean those best MHYA’s brushes once you've swiped, dusted, and dabbed them clean. While cleaning your makeup brushes after each use is probably the last thing on your mind. Doing so will help reduce bacteria build-up and prevent skin outbreaks. This MHYA’s angled brush is best for your hard-to-reach area. You can make your Instagram pictures more vibrant and attractive by using MHYA’s products. All of the products are made of high-quality material.




It is our mission to offer you ideal makeup brushes. MHYA has a strong team with research and design, can help you turn your dreams into reality. One-stop, production, processing, and sales an integrand with special design.


  • Wood handle with special design;
  • Ultra-soft brush bristle;
  • Durable thick ferrule;
  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free synthetic hair;
  • Easy to makeup, perfect makeup experience.
Brand name MHYA
Brush Material Nanometer cruelty-free synthetic hair
Handle Material Wood
Tube Thick aluminum tube
Size Long rod
Package Type Neutral packing/ customize
Target Customer Beginner
Place of Origin Dongguan, China
Special Size Customizable
Minimum Order Quality 3000 sets / Shipping: based on FCL quantity
Delivery Time Depending on the quantity, 15-40days
Payment terms T/T, Paypal


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