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MHYA makeup brush set is of high-end performance fashionable design handle and aluminum tube, to prevent the brush and handle from falling apart, finely polished and painted, No fade, provide you with soft and comfortable touch feeling and super ability to hold: made of high-end performance fashionable design handle, finely polished and painted, ensured for long time use.

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  • Brand name MHYA
  • Brush material Nanometer synthetic hair
  • Handle material Wood
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Although most are foundation or concealer brushes, they may also be used for blush, bronzer, contouring, and highlighting thanks to their dual ends. If you're a newbie, you might be surprised to learn that there are 10 different brushes included in this kit. Instead, start with the foundation, which is the foundation of all makeup. From application and blending to contouring and ultimately setting, these four fluffy brushes handle it all.


MHYA has created another stunning brush set. This 10-piece brush set is done in grey and was debuted to considerable acclaim. It's glitzy, contemporary, and distinctly Chinese. What exactly do I mean when I say "Chinese"? Specifically, I'm referring to something little, delicate, and exact. These brushes are also authentically Chinese, having been created in China, which, as I've previously stated, is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality cosmetic brushes. There's even a photo essay here describing how The Collection is put together.


MHYA's brushes are believed to be created from Synthetic hair that has been obtained compassionately. As a result, we'll have to accept his unnamed brush manufacturer's word for it. For certain beauty enthusiasts, this brush set is missing a large powder brush. If you know MHYA, you'll know that they have not a great supporter of big powder brushes in the first place, because many women tend to over-powder and end up with dust all over their faces. More accurate powder pressing and powder rolling are MHYA's recommendations.


MHYA's brushes are composed of high-quality hair and are handcrafted in China into beautiful, precise toe forms by skilled brush artists. This kit appears to be an art set, which means it may be overkill for many women who just want to put on their makeup and leave. However, if you have a difficult eye shape or delicate skin, where gentleness and accuracy are important, this may be worth it to avoid pulling and straining. You might also want to look at other MHYA makeup brush sets, which are fantastic and comprehensive brush set that includes face brushes.Hence, Give MHYA's best makeup brush sets a try; they're produced by pros and experts and are of excellent quality.




It is our mission to offer you the ideal unicorn makeup brush. MHYA has a strong team with research and design, can help you turn your dreams into reality. One-stop, production, processing and sales integrated companies.


  • Wood handle with special design;
  • Ultra-soft brush bristle;
  • Special gold fine quality ferrule;
  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free synthetic hair;
  • Easy to makeup, perfect makeup experience.
Brand name MHYA
Brush material Nanometer synthetic hair
Handle material Wood
Tube Thick aluminum tube
Size Long rod
Package type OPP bag
Target customer Beginner
Place of origin Dongguan, China
Special size Customizable
Minimum order quality 3000 sets / Shipping: based on FCL quantity
Delivery time Depending on the quantity, 15-40 days
Payment terms T/T, money gram, paypal


DIY Multiple Styles, Widely used in scenarios

Multiple Combinations, Free Choice

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