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wholesale Eyebrow Brush


The commodities for sale mainly include Automatic ink-guiding eyeliners and lip pencils, mascara brushes, retractable brushes, automatic blush brushes gift set brushes, professional cosmetic brushes and etc.

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Black Wood Handle Durable Ferrule with White Nano Fiber Cruelty Free Synthetic Hair-02

Black Wood Handle Durable Ferrule with White Nano Fiber Cruelty Free Synthetic Hair

Eyebrow Brush

Double Head Eyebrow Spoolie Brush with Vegan Synthetic Hair-04

Double Head Eyebrow Spoolie Brush with Vegan Synthetic Hair by MHYA

Eyebrow Brush

Eyebrow Brush with Wood Handle Synthetic Hair

MHYA Eyebrow Brush with Wood Handle Synthetic Hair

Eyebrow Brush

Special Color Luxury Design Eyebrow Brush with Micro Soft Fiber Synthetic Hair

Professional MHYA Special Color Luxury Design Eyebrow Brush with Micro Soft Fiber Synthetic Hair

Eyebrow Brush

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Everything you should know about eyebrow brushes

Brushes are being used to blend cosmetics and maintain the shape of brow hairs. They're required for achieving the desired brow appearance. A brow brush aids in the even application of material and the natural appearance of the brows. To obtain a well-shaped, groomed, and filled-in brow, it takes time, work, multiple products, and a variety of instruments. A wholesale eyebrow brush is a general term that refers to a variety of brushes and combs used for brow upkeep. This word also refers to a particular combo tool, the mascara brush, which is used to comb through the brows.

What to Look For in an Eyebrow Brush

Natural Hair Vs. Synthetic 

Natural hair is used to make brow brushes. These brushes work best with gel or cream products, while natural hair brushes work best with powder. If you want to take the natural approach, we advise cruelty-free natural brushes because they don't contain parabens, sulfates, or synthetic dyes, in addition to not being tested on animals.

Spoolie Brush

you'll require a spoolie to brush your brows, it's up to you whether you want or not to buy multiple brow products. Dual-ended brushes/pencils with a designed spoolie are frequently the biggest bang for your buck.


Brush Shape

The size and length of the brush you buy are determined by the brow style you want to achieve. Brushes with straight-cut, flat-heads are used to outline, bushed with the triangular-head are used to shape, and angled-shaped brushes are used to define.

How to choose the right eyebrow brush

looking for an ideal brow brush is similar to searching for the ideal scent perfume—you can't have just one. Each brow brush has its unique function in terms of assisting you in creating naturally textured brows with the correct materials. The trick is to understand which brush you'll need to achieve the brows of your dreams.

A spoolie brush is good for blending products and giving a naturally textured finish, while a hard-angled eyebrow brush is great for refining, highlighting, and generating hairlike strokes. You'll need to have a firm detail brush to get the angles you want in your eyebrows if you want them to seem sleek and shaped.

Double head eyebrow spoolie

If you want, you can use it... a slender, angled eye brush with an ultrafine edge that tries to pull double duty to create precise hairlike strokes and easily sweep color through the brow arch. The synthetic fibers in this double-headed eyebrow brush make it excellent for applying powder and emollient-based products to the brows with accuracy. The breadth is ideal for stamping products into sparse regions on the face. Blend product through with the special spoolie end for a smooth, natural appearance.

Have you ever been perplexed by how to utilize those dual-sided brushes? Now you may stop batting your lashes in bewilderment. Uncover what these versatile beauty products can do for you, as well as some product recommendations, in my guide below.

  • The flexible brush side: This bristles brush grooms and molds brow hair into shape, giving them a gigantic, bushy appearance. It can also be used to mix in brow color that has already been placed or to prepare for gels.
  • The solid comb side: After applying mascara, this brush divides lashes and separates clumps. It can also be applied to the eyebrows to provide them with a well-groomed appearance.
  • Combing brow hairs in the upward direction with the special spoolie end. Use the lighter color of Brow Powder Duo towards the front of the eyebrow, going toward the arches, with a wholesale eyebrow brush.
  • Then, using a small eyebrow brush, apply the darker shade of Brow Powder Dual to the arch, making your way to the rear in the direction of hair development.
  • Use the spoolie to mix continually through the process for a flawless look.

Eyebrow Brush with Micro Soft Fiber Synthetic Hair

Wholesale Eyebrow Brush with Tiny Delicate Fiber Hair in a Luxury Design For those of you creating the impression of thick eyebrows or simply filling in some places, this top-quality, angled brow brush is intended to generate natural and hair-like strokes. This brush will not absorb any substance thanks to its synthetic bristles, ensuring a clean, precise finish. It's a luxury, but you've earned it!


If you want to get the most from your brow brushes, use them the same way you do the brushes you use to apply full-coverage foundation or finely powdered bronzer. That includes washing them regularly and storing them in a location where their fibers will not be destroyed.

Before keeping your brow brush in a makeup kit or bag, carefully wash any excess product from it after each usage. To avoid material and germ accumulation, we recommend washing your brushes with a makeup brush cleaner at least once per week. Enable your wholesale eyebrow brush to dry completely before taking them back in your beauty brush bag after they've been washed.


Maintaining the wholesale eyebrow brushes and preserving them out of the bottom of your cosmetic drawer can help you get the most out of your eyebrow tools. But, like with all wonderful things in life, nothing is permanent. The length of time that eyebrow brush will last before needing to be replaced is determined by how frequently you use them and how perfectly you take care of them. Makeup brushes are fantastic because you will come to know automatically about the end of their life.


These brushes are very handy, as you can clean and hold them effortlessly. spoolies are products that are made to spread the makeup evenly and to give you a natural look. It has a spoolie tip that's been custom-made to integrate the product into the brows for a smooth, flawless look. The wholesale eyebrow brush by MHYA is soft to the touch, and the shape helps to evenly spread brow powder while keeping the brush stiff.

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