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wholesale Foundation Brush


The commodities for sale mainly include Automatic ink-guiding eyeliners and lip pencils, mascara brushes, retractable brushes, automatic blush brushes gift set brushes, professional cosmetic brushes and etc.

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Design Flat Foundation Brush with White Nano Synthetic Hair-03

2022 MHYA New Design Flat Foundation Brush with White Nano Synthetic Hair

Foundation Brush

Black Magic Powder Brush with Large Dentisy

Black Magic Powder Brush with Large Dentisy

Foundation Brush

Customized Retro Sandalwood Portable Makeup Tools

Customized Retro Sandalwood Portable Makeup Tools

Foundation Brush

Quality Foundation Application Brush Oem from China-02

Quality Foundation Application Brush Oem from China-MHYA

Foundation Brush

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What is a foundation brush and what are the finest foundation brushes?

A wholesale foundation brush is just a medium-sized cosmetics brush that is used to apply liquids, creamy, or powdered foundation on the face. The hairs of many of these foundation brushes are quite soft and supple. This type of brush makes it possible to apply base foundation uniformly on the skin.

A certain wholesale foundation brush is made with small bristles, whereas others are made with longer hairs. Short-bristled brushes are typically used for applying cream or liquid makeup. The powdered foundation is applied with a long bristle brush. Its function is to apply makeup to the cheekbones, nose, forehead, & jaw to achieve a flawless and even finish.

Dip your foundation brush through into foundation, whether using 1 edge of the brushes for a lighter appearance or even both ends of a brush for just a thicker effect. The bristles head of brushes can be utilized to access challenging regions. The crevices of the nose, lips, and all around the eyes are examples of difficult-to-reach places.

Black Magic Powder/Foundation Brush


Black magic brushes have a striking appearance, with such a short handle and thick hairs. They're great for applying powder foundation to create a flawless finish. Because these brushes can maintain huge quantities of powders and delicately sprinkle the skin with this, the thickness of a bristle aims to minimize product waste. If cakiness is the main issue using powder foundations, this one will help you manage it.


  • Nanofiber, high elasticity, skin-friendliness
  • Ecologically friendly ABS plastics manage to install owing to hexagon bottom, simple to hold owing to the solid polygonal handle

Stippling brushes

Stippling bristles are used to stipple cosmetic ingredients into the skin, even as the name implies. They feature a sharp, flat edge and fibers that are all the same length. It aids in the absorption of the substance, as well as the thicker, thinner covering aids in pressing a product to the face. This brush is ideal for liquids and creamy cosmetics that require smooth mixing.

Stippling is an art method in which little spots are utilized to form a larger image. Stippling brushes receive their name from the fact that they're used for a dabbing movement initially, followed by a pressed-on swirl approach to get the base inside there. It's a great approach for folks who want to conceal their flaws with a smooth airbrush appearance.


• Hair stuff: Imported microcrystalline fiber textured as well as dense hair which is not easily lost, suitable for grabbing powders, and simple to apply cosmetics.

• Tubes: Elevated aluminum tube with such a glossy and patterned finish that is both wear-resistant and long-lasting. The brushes heads & brushing rod are inextricably linked via the mouths tube.

• Handles Antique hardwood grip with fingerprint image to handle, wear-resistant and sturdy, reasonable length and size, won't fall out of form with time.

Quality Foundation Application Brush


Choose a flat foundation brush if you want an application that will stand up to the paparazzi.   Flat foundation brushes are identical to the artist's brush in appearance and typically work well with liquid foundations.  wholesale foundation brushes are ideal for this. Because synthesized bristles do not hold as much cream, more gets onto the face. Organic bristle brushes merge somewhat smoother, but they also hold the additional product. The substance flows onto the face in a much more opaque line due to the densely packed brushes, however, any streaking may be readily rectified with such a blending sponge.


Their goal is to provide customers with the best foundation brushes possible. MHLAN has a powerful research team that really can assist anyone in making their aspirations a reality. An integrated one-stop-shop for manufacturing, production, and sale with such a unique design;

  • Handle made of wood with a unique design
  • Super soft brush bristles
  • Resilient thick ferrule
  • Synthesized hair that is hundred percent vegans and cruelty-free
  • Easy to apply, excellent cosmetic experience

Flat Foundation Brush with White Nano Synthetic Hair


Flat foundation brushes may be precisely everything you need if you prefer a stronger foundation application. The flat foundation brush's design enables a bunch of material to accumulate on the bristles before being applied to the skin. Using a flat foundation brush with lightweight bases or colored moisturizers would make it much simpler to use cosmetics to get an instantaneously completed look. A flat makeup brush is wonderful at getting into those small nooks on the face, which is a significant advantage ( underneath the eyes, around the nose,). On either hand, the disadvantages of utilizing this makeup brush have included a longer application time, incapacity to use with powdered foundations, product waste, streaky base, and a much more difficult time cleansing the instrument.


  • Nano wool fibers
  • Longer rod with wood grip
  • Thick metal tubes
  • It is easy to use and intuitive
  • It is adaptable


Just on market, there are several wholesale foundations brushes as well as other cosmetic brushes. These brushes may be found at places that sell cosmetics. A foundations brush can be purchased separately or as part of a set that includes brushes for the face, eyes, and lips. The cost of cosmetic brushes on the marketplace ranges from extremely low to very high. A makeup brush's cost is based on its strong brand name. Many foundations include the brush as part of the package. MHYA foundations brush have superior quality brush bristles, a metal ferrule, and a well-crafted, long-lasting handle. Huge, dense artificial hair with a wonderful touch sensation for the skin. Brush hair that is 100 percent eco-friendly and suited for your lovely face. Leveling up the makeup into the face is much simpler using makeup brushes.

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