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wholesale Eye Makeup Brushes


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Crystal Eye Brush Set with Acrylic Handle Eye Shadow Brush Lip Brush Set

6pcs Crystal Eye Brush Set with Acrylic Handle Eye Shadow Brush Lip Brush Set

Eye Makeup Brushes

Best Quality Flawless Face Brush Factory-01

Best Quality Flawless Face Brush Factory from MHYA

Eye Makeup Brushes

Fashion Fine Quality Eye Makeup Brush

Fashion Fine Quality Eye Makeup Brush

Eye Makeup Brushes

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MHYA Launched New Silk Soft Hair Eye Brush Set with Special Wood Handle

Eye Makeup Brushes

Professional Eye Makeup Brush Set Factory from China-01

Professional Eye Makeup Brush Set Factory from China-MHYA

Eye Makeup Brushes

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Choosing Eye Makeup Brushes - Buy Right One

You like putting on a show with your eyes. Your go-to cosmetics are eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Batting your lashes is one of your favorite pastimes. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you already know how important it is to have a good pair of eye makeup brushes. The difference between a flawlessly integrated shadow and a blotchy, uneven shadow that strays beneath the lashes or into the eyes may be the difference between a perfectly blended shadow and a blotchy, uneven shadow that strays below the lashes or into the eyes when putting on makeup with wholesale makeup brushes.

Many types of makeup brushes are particularly developed for usage around the eyes. Though a simple assortment of basic brushes is usually sufficient for the ordinary lady, individuals who enjoy spending time toying with their eyes can choose from a larger selection.

The following is a basic overview of brush types and their functions:

Smudge Brush

wholesale makeup Brush with a flat tip. Using this brush and powder or cream products, blur out your bottom and top lash lines. Flat, short-haired smudge brushes are common. Because of their distinct design, they are immediately identifiable. They may seem rounded on occasions, but they have a flat appearance generally. The following applications are perfect for these brushes::

  • Adding shape and depth to the eyelids
  • Giving a rich, smokey eye
  • Filling in the creases with color and mixing Angle Brush

Use an angled brush to line your eyes with accuracy. Sloped bristles on these brushes make applying eyeliner a breeze. Defining the lash line, brows, and crease with the angled brush is a must. For ladies who struggle to draw a fine line that isn't visible, these brushes are a lifesaver. The wholesale makeup brush's hairs are usually flat and strong to the touch, ensuring that color is only applied where it is instructed. The brush's cut angle design makes it easy to reach difficult areas such as the corner of the eyelid and all around the lashes.

  • Medium Angled Shading Eye Brush

For a smokey look, use this slanted brush to emphasize your crease and blend out the outside edges of your eyes.

  • Small Angle Eye Brush

To create the ideal wing or line your eye, use this hard, thick wholesale makeup brush with liquid or powder eye makeup. You may also use it to fill in your eyebrows with a powder or pomade of your choice.

Eye Shadow Brush

Each lady should have at least one high-quality eye makeup brush. This is the most fundamental of eye makeup brushes, and it almost ensures that eye makeup is done precisely and efficiently. Brushes like this are more efficient in picking up and depositing color than sponge applicators. Eye makeup brushes come in a range of sizes and may have slightly slanted or tapered hairs. They might either be made with short grips for simplicity or long handles for greater ease of usage.

the shadow brush is a great starting point for applying color to the whole lid or layering colors for a more sophisticated effect.

Eyeliner Brush

The eyeliner brush has a tapered, narrow design that makes it suitable for anybody who uses liner daily. Because of its form, it allows for precise, neat application without the imperfections and skids that might occur when using a pencil. Fluid, gel, and cream liners may all be applied using these tiny brushes.

Many ladies enjoy using their eye shadows as liners instead of eye shadows that have been dampened. This method allows for more color variety, but it also necessitates a good brush. For this reason, a flat eyeliner brush is ideal. The wholesale makeup brush picks up a lot of colors and easily deposits them above the lash line. Swivel and dab the brush against the lash line politely but firmly to achieve the cleanest, most natural line.

Small Tapered Blending Brush

While still mixing out sharp lines, use this little brush to add texture and depth to the crease and outside borders.

Mascara Brush

Even though all mascaras come with their own brush tip, many girls love to use a different mascara brush to preserve the mascara bacterium and germ-free. Mascara brushes should be cleaned after each use because they are reusable.

Eye Blending Brush

Blend and apply cream or powder eye shades in your crease with this mixing brush.


To maintain your eyeshadow and other cosmetic brushes in excellent shape and avoid eye discomfort or disease, you need to take care of them. That includes cleaning the brushes at least once a week to get rid of makeup, face oils, and germs.

  • Place a neat, dry towel beside your basin
  • put some warm water on the brush's bristles. The adhesive that holds the ferrule in place might be affected by hot water, causing the ferrule to lose or fall off.
  • In your hand, place a few drops of makeup brush shampoo. Makeup brush cleaning, light dishwashing soap, or baby shampoo can also be used.
  • Gently massage the cleanser into the bristles. Scrub the brush lightly and in circles to ensure that all of the hairs are clean.
  • Clean the bristles by rinsing them. To wash the soap, pour lukewarm water over the brush and softly massage them against your fingertips.
  • Using the towel, wring off any excess water from the bristles. Carefully straighten the brush with your fingertips.
  • Hang the brush with the bristles down to air-dry. Drying the brush with the bristles up can allow moisture to seep into the ferrule. If you’re washing several brushes, take care not to crowd them. You want air to circulate around the bristles.


With so many eye makeup brushes to pick from, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are perfect for you. Buy the best eye makeup brushes from MHLAN to save money and time. They have a wide selection of wholesale makeup brushes. You will fall in love with their selection.

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