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Fine Quality Thin Eyeliner Brush Oem from China-01

Fine Quality Thin Eyeliner Brush OEM from China

Eyeliner Brush

Special Shape Handle Eyeliner Makeup Brush with Super Soft White Synthetic Hair-05

MHLAN Special Shape Handle Eyeliner Makeup Brush with Super Soft White Synthetic Hair

Eyeliner Brush

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MHYA OEM Serivce Makeup Eyeliner Brush Wholesale Manufacturer

Eyeliner Brush

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All you need to know about eyeliner brushes to enhance the beauty of your eyes

Wholesale eyeliner brushes may be scary whenever it comes to applying eyeliner. Brushes, unlike eyeliner pencils or applicators in fluid eyeliner bottles, need a specific method to ensure the substance is applied properly. This method, on the other hand, enables you to transform any of those lovely pots or pans of cosmetics into eyeliner with only a dab of a brush. Learning how to apply eyeliner with a brush is a terrific way to broaden your cosmetic options.

How to apply eyeliner with an eyeliner brush

Selecting Your Products

  1. Select your wholesale eyeliner brush.

A variety of brushes may be found in beauty stores or your local store. Distinct types of eyeliner brushes have various functions. They can also be useful for a variety of items such as gels, liquids, powders, and fluids. A range of wholesale eyeliner brushes is an excellent addition to your makeup arsenal.

The hairs of flat, curved eyeliner brushes are hard and longer on one side. These brushes are quite versatile and may be used to create tight lines along the lash line. A straight brush with a thin, sparse tip is your go-to eyeliner brush. Because of its small tip, it's ideal for drawing delicate lines. A flat tip wholesale eyeliner brush is comparable to an angled eyeliner brush, except it lacks the angle! This one is appropriate for basic, neat lines.

The angled bent eyeliner brush is a funny-looking brush that almost looks like it’s been broken. It has a smaller tip and is used to draw super thin lines. It’s particularly good for curved wings. The dome-shaped semi-flat brush has a bigger tip than the others, so it’s great for applying thicker lines.

  1. Pick your eyeliner product. 

The angular bent eyeliner wholesale eyeliner brush has an odd appearance, almost as if it's been shattered. It has a finer tip and is used to create extremely tiny lines. It's very useful for curving wings. The curved semi-flat brush has a larger tip than the others, making it ideal for drawing stronger lines.

  1. Pair the proper product and brush

Your eyeliner capability is nearly limitless with a choice of brushes and materials. It's critical to consider the ultimate appearance you want to create while selecting the right product and brush. Choosing your goods is only half of the battle. Fluid eyeliners are ideal for creating crisp, defined lines. To apply them, use a brush with a small tip, such as a traditional eyeliner brush or an angular bent eyeliner brush.

Liquid and creamy eyeliners are thick and silky, with a long wear time. It is best to apply them with a curved semi-flat brush. Powders are preferable for a soft effect, and a flat eyeliner brush or a straight flat eyeliner brush works ideally for this.

Lining Your Eyes

  1. Make sure your brushes are clean

You don't have to bother about it if they're fresh out of the packaging. Alternatively, wash your eyeliner brushes after use. While this is vital for all cosmetic brushes, it is especially critical for brushes used near your sensitive eyes. You want to reduce the number of bacteria you spread around your eyes, and the application is usually smoother when the wholesale eyeliner brush is sterile before soaking it into solution.

  1. Dip your brush into the product

Here is another top tip: you can always add additional eyeliner, but removing it is more difficult. In other words, start with less material and work your way up, rather than vise - versa. Ensure the head of your brush is covered in substance, but don't overdo it. If you need to add more goods, you may easily do so.

  1. Begin at your top inner corner

Align your brush up to the inner edge of your upper eyelash, or as far inwards as your liner will go. Then, dragging or brushing the product outwards to the outside edge. You may either finish your liner at the outside border or continue it to create a cat-eye or wing. If you're afraid of drawing a line in one sweep, start by adding dots above your top lash line. Then all you have to do is join the points!

  1. Line your bottom lash line

Lower eyeliner is more difficult to apply since it may make your eyes appear harsh and black if done poorly. Begin inwardly and work your way outwards. Unlike the upper eyeliner, nevertheless, you should begin around two-third into the eye, eliminating material from the inner edge. Lining the outer edges of your lower eyes makes them appear larger and more open, however, lining the entire thing might make them appear very darkish and gloomy.

  • Ensure your eyeliner is connected to the outside corner of your eye, as well as the upper eyeliner. This will make your eyes appear more natural and united.
  • On the lower lash line, you should usually draw a softer, lighter line.

Benefits of Using Eyeliner Brush:

  • The Eyeliner Brush aids in drawing a fine line. Accuracy is determined by the thickness of the brush.
  • It aids in obtaining the appropriate product content and reducing waste.
  • An Eyeliner Brush may be used to obtain the appropriate eyeliner form.



Eyeliner brushes are among the most dangerous tools to use while doing eye makeup. The majority of us use the given or associated brush. However, different wholesale eyeliner brushes can be used to produce a specific line or form. One can use it for a precise, near-to-the-lash line look. the provided brush. But to achieve a Cat eyeliner or winged eyeliner, it is necessary to use an Angled Brush for that perfect line. Checkout MHLAN special eyeliner brushes for perfect eye enhancement,

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