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How to use a kabuki brush and its types?

2022.04.18 / By hqt

What is A Kabuki Brush And What Does It Do?

The typical kabuki brush does have short handles and thick bristles with a rounded shape, termed after the Japanese drama theatres in which they were employed to assist create elaborate beauty. The bristles assist sprinkle on quite enough product without leaving your face seeming cakey as well as overloaded, therefore the brushes are generally used to apply powder flawlessly. Whenever it comes to the kabuki brush, cosmetic powders, particularly loose powders, are indeed the name of the game, but you can use it to put liquid foundation; just don't swap back and forth during relatively similar makeup sessions.

How to use a kabuki brush?

Now that you know well how to use a kabuki brush? it is indeed necessary to study how to use this cosmetic essential. We'll show you how to utilize 4 types of kabuki brush in your beauty process.

1. Kabuki Brush (Round)

If you want your beauty to endure during the day and at night, use a setting powder to keep it in place. This is when your traditional round kabuki brush comes in handy. Once you're prepared to set your makeup, just dip the brush through into Loose Powder and lightly sprinkle it all over your face.

2. Kabuki Brush with an Angle tip

If minimalism-inspired makeup isn't quite cutting it for you and you still enjoy a nice contour now and again, an angled kabuki brush should be added to your collection. The above tool is ideal for applying powdered contour products precisely, allowing anyone to mold their face to their heart's content. Buff your powders in crucial areas like your cheeks, the edges of your nose, and your temples.

3. Dome Kabuki Brush

A domed kabuki brush can be thought of as a smaller take on your traditional kabuki. Since it still has a rounded head shape, this brush is ideal for applying a highlighter, blush, and bronzer. Just like the other kabuki brushes, all you need to do is dip your tool into your compact and brush on your powder. Use soft sweeping motions with this shape brush.

You can also use domed kabuki to apply setting powder in hard-to-reach spots, like the under-eye area and sides of the nose.

4. Kabuki Brush with a Flat Top

The flat top kabuki brush is a multipurpose tool that takes contouring to the next level. It is considered to blend well with liquid foundations to face powders. Stipple as well as buff bb cream onto your face with the brush for even application.

If you're applying powder, just dip your brushes into it and pat it onto your skin. Sweep away any extra for a perfect finish. It's just that simple.

Using the kabuki brush in different ways:
  • Eyes: carefully remove away from the central corner of an eyelid the section of the laying silkworm's eyes.
  • Look at the eyeballs upwards from the lower eyelid, slide the top of a brush head from the top of an eye to the bottom of the eye, and brush softly towards the lower eyelashes.
  • Looking down at the eyeballs, gently stroke the top of the brush from the top of the eye to the end of the eyelid.
  • In the eye socket area, shut the eyelids flutter and softly brush all along the surface from the top to the bottom of the inward corner of the eye.
  • Nasal area: Place the brush tip flat on the base of the nose and establish a 45-degree curve with the cheeks. Brush softly from the bridge of the nose towards both sides. To highlight the junction of the nose and cheekbones, just use the brush's tip.
  • Lip concealer: Apply a little amount of liquid foundation to the lips, gently expand the lips, then bend the mouth slightly. This kabuki brush's flat surface is at a 45 ° angle towards the lips. Brush back and forth while the surface is even.
  • The edges of the mouth: gently open your lips and buff from top to bottom with the kabuki brushes from the top of the kabuki brush towards the corners of the mouth.

Pink kabuki brush

  • The pink kabuki brush is a professional Kabuki Brush of the highest quality. The appropriate tools are the foundation of every excellent makeup regimen. The silky soft synthetic materials firmly compacted together in MHYA pink Kabuki brush effortlessly retain powdered cosmetics and guarantee it goes on smoothly.
  • The MHYA pink kabuki brush is tiny enough to fit in your handbag while still being large enough to grasp comfortably.
  • Though the last thing you need to do is drop your brushes on the floor, we've included a large handle to assist you to avoid making a mistake.
  • The pink kabuki brush has Synthetic materials that guarantee no animals were injured in the making of your brush, so keep one in your bag for tactile on the move. Synthetic fibers also have a lower chance of collecting microorganisms or causing allergic responses.

Retractable kabuki brush

A retractable kabuki brush is a brush with a retractable handle, it is a terrific tool used by professional makeup artists all over the world. If you've never used one to apply makeup, you're going to enjoy the gorgeous results. Foundation and facial powder are applied to the face with a retractable kabuki brush. The brush's appearance, which is characterized by soft, thick to fluffy spherical bristles and a short handle, aids in the application of cosmetics in an even and organic manner. Beauty products with retractable handles provide users with more storage and portable packing.


Many bronzers and face powders come with a little brush that may be used to apply the color to the skin. You will, however, have a significantly more polished and realistic appearance once you have mastered the use of a kabuki brush. A makeup brush with a small stem and broad, round bristles is known as a wholesale kabuki brush. While they could be used to apply bb cream, Kabuki brushes were more typically employed to apply mineral powders, bronzers, and blushers. Visit MHYA for high-quality wholesale items; their pink kabuki brush is outstanding. You will not be let down. You should also try retractable brush.

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