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wholesale Retractable Brush


The commodities for sale mainly include Automatic ink-guiding eyeliners and lip pencils, mascara brushes, retractable brushes, automatic blush brushes gift set brushes, professional cosmetic brushes and etc.

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Diamond Retractable Brush with Synthetic Hair-01

Diamond Retractable Brush with Synthetic Hair

Retractable Brush

Fashionable Nice Design 4 in 1 Telescopic Brush-01

Fashionable Nice Design 4 in 1 Telescopic Brush

Retractable Brush

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How to use a retractable brush which is often ignored?

Choosing the finest retractable cosmetic brush set might be challenging, especially if you're having a tight budget. As a result, we've compiled a list of the two finest retractable cosmetic brushes available at the greatest prices and with all of the most up-to-date features to match your requirements. The wholesale retractable brush is made with full, soft bristles for powder and bronzer application. It's an underappreciated tool since so many people are unfamiliar with it.

If you've been looking for the finest retractable makeup brush set, you've definitely realized that not all models are created equal; some can adapt to certain duties better than others. Most importantly, when selecting these things, we considered a variety of factors such as price, durability, longevity, efficiency, reviews, and more, ensuring that you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

How to use the retractable brush

Wholesale retractable brushes may be one of the makeup tools you overlook while searching for cosmetics at your local beauty store, probably because they are considered outdated. Makeup fans are constantly on the lookout for more professional-looking makeup brush sets in the hopes of achieving a perfect application. But, when it comes to traveling on the fly, do individuals actually bring those enormous brush holders with them? We didn't believe it.

Wholesale retractable brushes are a good example of this. They may appear basic and straightforward to operate, but they carry a powerful punch in terms of capability. The retractable component may perhaps bring back memories for you, and it's this feature that will allow you to utilize this instrument in three distinct ways.


With this tool, you can get your desired touch whether you're using a wet or powder base. Use the entire length of the brush to softly rub on the product while blending out rough edges for a more natural air-brushed effect. A smaller bristle length might help with a complete coverage application. Simply lift the top section of the brush handle and adjust as needed. Use the entire length of the brush to set powder.


Grab some contouring powder and set the wholesale retractable brush grip to a smaller bristle length. Shade and blend the brush around the cavities of your cheekbones, jawline, outside margins of your forehead, and sides of your nose. Apply a highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones, the arch of the nose, and the cupid's bow using the same method.


  1. BLUSH

After you've finished shading and adding light, apply your favorite cheek color for a post-workout glow. Spread the product in circular strokes with the movable brush grip midway down the brush length, and you're finished!

There are three methods to use one brush. We're certain there's more you can do with this multipurpose beauty tool, so try out some of our favorite looks in the photos and let us know what you think!

Best retractable brushes

  1. Fashionable nice design 4 in 1 telescopic brush    

Portable makeup brush set

It comes with 4 beauty brushes: 1 blender brush, 1 blending brush, 1 eye shadow brush, and 1 brush for lips, all of which may be used to develop fully face looks and are useful makeup tools in everyday life.

Good for traveling

The 4 in 1 cosmetic brush is a lightweight and compact design, with a dust cover on every side. To keep it, simply spin it gently and push it toward the top, appropriate for transporting to various locations, which will not bring too much load while bringing numerous conveniences.

Soft and comfortable material

The base mixing powder brushes are made of high-quality synthetic fiber, which is nice and gentle on the face and won't prick or irritate it; the handle is made of high-quality material, which is durable and resistant to break and will last a long time.

Compact and portable

The compact facial beauty makeup brush set is just about half feet in length, making it small enough to fit into your purse, bag, or other carrying bags and allowing you to apply flawless makeup whenever and wherever you choose.

Telescopic design

The brush grip is telescopic and can be easily drawn back, making it easier to store the wholesale retractable brush and preventing bristle damage.

A sweet and practical gift

The face makeup brushes set is perfect for the ladies, women, girls, and other women of any age, and is a wonderful present for your spouse, girlfriends, children, and moms on special occasions like Mother's Day, Christmas, Eids, New Year's Day, and other festivals.

Diamond retractable brush with synthetic hair

This innovative Retractable Brush makes applying and topping up your concealer on the fly a breeze. For a natural-looking finish, simply spin the brush in your powder product and sprinkle it on the cheeks between your ears and mouth. Because the brush pulls back, you may keep it in your make-up bag and use it whenever you like. The retractable brush is also free of animal testing.

  1. Made of aluminum.
  2. Expandable brush for sanitary make-up applications at any time.
  3. Bristles are made of nylon.
  4. It's cruelty-free and vegan.
  5. It's ideal for powdered blush.


Cosmetics and face powders are applied to the face with wholesale retractable brushes. The brush's design, which is characterized by soft, thick to puffy circular bristles and a small handle, aids in the placement of makeup in an even and smooth manner. Makeup brushes with retractable handles provide users with more space-saving and portable packing. MHLAN offers a lot of successful cosmetic face brush series, one of which is the retractable brush. For a varied application of powder and bronzer on the skin, the retractable brush is made with microfibres, an aluminum tube, and a wooden handle. We are an experienced manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of cosmetic retractable brushes, which can be customized according to your demands. MHLAN wholesale retractable brush has the appropriate size, low weight, and is suitable for daytime touch-ups and traveling.


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