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Mixed Pink Rod Nail Brush-03

4pcs Mixed Pink Rod Nail Brush

Nail Pen Brush

Nail Crystal Pen and Carved Pen Crystal Nail Extender Special Pen Brush-01

5pcs Nail Crystal Pen and Carved Pen Crystal Nail Extender Special Pen Brush

Nail Pen Brush

Nail Crystal Pen and Carved Pen Crystal Nail Special Pen Brush-01

6pcs Nail Crystal Pen and Carved Pen Crystal Nail Special Pen Brush

Nail Pen Brush

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Tips for using nail pen brush and their types

everybody is familiar with the term "nail brush." Furthermore, you all seem to be aware that there are a plethora of them there. So what best wholesale nail pen brush can you use? It'll be a difficult question for many. Taking this into account, we figured it could be a smart option to expose you to the globe of nail brushes as well as some useful advice.

Tips for using a nail pen brush 

Choose affordable nail pen brush

Wholesale nail pen brush purchasing must not be prohibitively expensive, specifically for newcomers. Beginners may familiarise themselves with how to use nail pen brushes and notice which tactics perform perfectly with them by using inexpensive brands.

suitable Environment

Users must apply nail pen brushes in a well-ventilated environment, just as any other nail product, but not directly next to a supply of air, such as a fan. When painting, the sheen may seem fluky or uneven as a result of this.

Color Choices for the Background

  • Without backdrop color: When you're planning to do nail design without either a background, make sure to wear a base coat to the naked nails beforehand. Allow the color to settle thoroughly to avoid damaging the nails.
  • With a backdrop hue: When you're currently preparing nail polish for nails that have a base color, make sure the color scheme is dried first. This will keep the moist colors from mingling and help to work on a drier surface.


Try experimenting on a sheet of wax paper first. This will enable you to sketch out easy new designs for your nails.

Don't Apply Excessive Pressure

Bide your time with a wholesale nail pen brush and avoid pressing too hard. If you push too firmly on the brush, the substance will grow overly sticky. As a result, the solution will spill all around the nails.

Techniques for Drying Nail Art

Nobody enjoys sitting for an extended number of hours while their nail art dries. That's far more aggravating than supposing the nails are completely dried just to smear them and destroy the pattern. Among the products that can assist to shorten drying time are:


Use Top Coat, which dries in 1 min, to expedite the drying time of your nail art. Always use a top coat to make your nail design last longer. If you don't have one, the nail art would shatter within two days. Your nail design could last up to 7 days with the assistance of a topcoat.


Using a spray can help the nails dry quickly. The lotion leaves a faint sheen and nourishes the cuticle.


Always wash your brush right away after using it. Add a nailbrush cleanser solution into a glass container. Swish your brush around in the cleaning solution until it's spotless. Dab the brushes on a clean cloth to remove any remaining fluid.

Types of nail pen brushes

The issue is, nail art is booming nowadays, and new methods and styles are surfacing. While acquiring anything distinctive is primarily dependent on your master's expertise, if you understand which tools should use or how to do it correctly, you can quickly become an expert too. To assist you, we have made a simple guideline, which will expose you to the most common varieties of a nail brush, including a round brush, a striper or liner brush, a flat brush, an angled brush, a fan brush, a detailing brush, and a dotter. We believe that this material would be valuable whether or not it assist you in discovering your artistic side.

  1. Round brush

A round wholesale nail pen brush is the most common and simplest to have because it must be typically used while putting nail paint. However, there are several exceptions to be aware of. What do you believe the process is for making all those acrylics 3-D nail art designs? Yes, with the assistance of a round brush. If you aren't very adept at three-dimensional nail designs, don't worry; if you have a round brush, you may use it to create various paint patterns. The truth is, this brush isn't the ideal choice for drawing anything incredibly little, and it's perfect for all of the larger prints!

  1. Striping brush

The purpose of this soft bristle brush is obvious from the name. Because the liner or striper brush is tiny, it is simple to be used for creating varied stripes or lines.  However, you ought to be conscious that striper brushes come in a variety of sizes and lengths, so you'll be ready to find the appropriate liner brushes for you.  Striper brushes, on the other hand, may be utilized for a variety of complex designs with addition to lines. Look just at the patterns below to get some ideas on how to utilize your striper brush!

  1. Flat brush

Flat brushes come in a variety of sizes, but their principal use is to produce one-stroke designs. They could be used to build a solid color coat just on nails in certain situations, but they have been most commonly employed to produce unique patterns, mainly flowery ones.


As you can see, there are numerous wholesale nail pen brush types to choose from when creating the most stunning and jaw-dropping manicure patterns. They vary greatly in size, materials, bristles lengths, and application. They are inexpensive and simple to store. Whenever it comes to designing fresh designs using nail art pen brushes, the possibilities are unlimited. If you enjoy nail art, you must check out MHYA's wholesale nail pen brush sets. They feature a large selection of nail pen brushes.

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