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    Why Choose Us

    Founded in 2009, Dongguan MHYA makeup tool co.,ltd has been engaged in the industry of makeup tools for more than 10 years. Our company, a collection of R&D, production and sales, is a large-scale professional manufacturer in terms of makeup tools production. With more than 5,000 square meters of workshop and more than 100 professional employees, our company holds more than 60 production equipment such as automatic scalding machines, automatic eyelash curling shaping machines, fully automatic drawing machines, fully automatic hair styling machines.


    The commodities for sale mainly include foundation brush, powder brush, contour brush, eyeshadow brush, eyebrow brush, eye blending brush, professional cosmetic brushes and etc. which are diverse and exquisite. We are proud that 50 million cosmetic products go global from Menghe every year! We build long-term trades with more than 20 countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia.


    Tailor-made solutions to truly achieve reasonable compliance

    We aim at providing the finest products and best services, giving the ultimate satisfaction to our customers. Strict quality control is applied on every procedure and every product, our continuous effort has won us numerous praise from customers.

    Wholesale Beauty Tools

    From sponges to all types of makeup brushes, the MHLAN brand has a wide range of products to assist you to get the most out of your beauty regimen. Outside of the office, our favorite hobby is finding a gadget that streamlines every element of our beauty regimen. As a result, they've compiled a list of the most important cosmetic tools that every makeup fanatic should have.


    Aim of MHLAN beauty tools

    1. They are a wholesale beauty tool supplier with a wide selection of high-quality cosmetics at competitive pricing.
    2. They are always attempting to stay up with the most recent trends.
    3. They strive to provide the greatest products and services to their consumers, ensuring complete satisfaction.
    4. Every technique and every product are subjected to stringent quality control, and our constant efforts have earned us several accolades from clients.


    All about their wholesale beauty tools

    When purchasing wholesale beauty tools such as makeup brushes and beauty sponges, attempt to discover as much as you can about the quality of the brushes. Brushes with luxuriant, soft bristles will better retain and distribute makeup, preventing the "streaky" effect. A scratchy brush indicates poor workmanship and may irritate the skin. Brushes of poor quality are also more prone to shed, lose their form, and become worthless over time.

    We recommend that prospective purchasers look for a package that contains a selection of face and eye brushes. Otherwise, you may end up having to make additional transactions to obtain what you require.

    Automated eyeliners and brushes for lips, powder brushes, base brushes, contouring brushes, retractable brushes, blush brushes present set brushes, expert cosmetic brushes, makeup brushes, cosmetics brush set, and so on are among the items for sale.

    All of the below are normally included in a well-rounded set:

    1. Beauty sponges
    2. Foundation/all-over face brush
    3. Concealer brush
    4. Powder brush
    5. Blush brush
    6. Makeup brush bag
    7. Highlighter brushes
    8. Face mask brush
    9. Kabuki brushes
    10. Eye blender brush
    11. Basic eye shadow brush
    12. Eyebrow brush
    13. Small angled brush
    14. Contour brush
    15. Angled eye brushes
    16. Small precision eye brushes
    17. Liner smudging brush
    18. Eyebrow-combing brush
    19. Lip brush
    20. Nail pen brush
    21. Retractable brushes


    There are two types of makeup brush bristles: natural hair and synthetic hair. MHLAN is a brand that customizes both organic and inorganic hairs in its wholesale beauty tools.

    Natural hair bristles

    Animals, most often sheep and horses, provide natural hair bristles. We advise customers to seek out organizations that are ecologically conscious and use cruelty-free methods to collect their hairs.

    The following are some of the advantages of using natural hair brushes:

    • They're kinder to your skin.
    • They absorbed the skin's oil.
    • They have a cuticle that makes it easy to take up powder cosmetics.
    • They uniformly spread pigment on the face.
    • They apply cosmetics to the skin in a smooth and even manner.

    Synthetic bristles

    • Microfiber materials such as polyester and nylon are used to make synthetic bristles.
    • The bristles stick together closely to help produce a crisp, clear, streak-free line with just one stroke.
    • Because they don't have a cuticle, they don't absorb and squander liquid and cream products.
    • They're ideal for using as basic makeup brushes.
    • They're wonderful for applying base and concealer.


    A cosmetic brush set's price is determined by various aspects, including the production process. the quantity of brushes in the set, and whether or not the set includes a storage bag. MHYA's selection is cost-effective, ensuring that you may save money while receiving high-quality wholesale beauty tools.

    How many makeup brushes should you have?

    It is totally up to you to decide. A foundation face brush, concealer brush, powder brush, cheek brush, eye blending brush, basic eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush, and a tiny angled brush are some of the basic requirements. Many brushes, on the other hand, may be used in various ways. You might, for example, apply bronzer with a blush brush.

    If you're a beauty artist or a fan, you might want to invest in a wide variety of cosmetic brushes, each of which is designed for a certain purpose. However, if you only require a set of cosmetic brushes for regular usage, a very well kit of 10 to 12 brushes should be enough. These wholesale beauty tools are available from MHLAN for professional makeup.

    Why buy from MHYA?

    • The company's items are of the highest quality, and they are delivered on time.
    • The majority of buyers value low quality and good after-sales service.
    • The organization will continue to follow the service concept of "customer first, reputation first."
    • Produces outstanding quality and trendy cosmetic appliances using the highest grade raw materials.
    • Committed to providing high-quality items and outstanding service to consumers.
    • High-quality cosmetic brushes are built to endure a long time.
    • If you have really sensitive skin, a good brush from MHLAN wholesale beauty tools will be far more comfortable to use.

    Their OEM Service contains six steps

    • Cosmetics brush question: to learn about the customer's wants and the makeup brush factory's capabilities.
    • Quote: in order to Budget, the unit pricing is based on the client's cosmetics brush sample and volume, and then tell the customer of the cost.
    • Sample: In the case of a sample provided by the customer to the seller, we can first give proofreading to the customer for approval.
    • Place an order: Once the qualified cosmetics brush samples have been confirmed, the customer may place an order and schedule the production.
    • Production: Once the order is received, the seller gathers the cosmetics brush raw materials and begins production.
    • Shipping: package and deliver according to the customer's specifications through the approved logistics firm.



    It has been discovered that when living levels rise, females' needs for beauty and cosmetics rise, as do their quality expectations. As a result, the corporation places a greater emphasis on improving manufacturing technology and production technology. Cosmetic brushes, beauty sets, eyelash brushes, nail brushes, cosmetics sponges, and other types of makeup equipment are among the items for sale.

    They take pride in providing the greatest customer service, such as quick and efficient order fulfillment and customer care calls. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to call or contact them.


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